Otters Adventures is a business that offers the small personal attention that students need with the support of a large shop. We are able to spend more time with our students insuring that they have a better understanding of the risk as well as the enjoyment they can expect from this sport. We offer certification in multiple agencies giving the student a choice in what programs best fit there needs and schedule. We offer online classes as well for the student that has a busy life still allowing him or her to study at their own pace. Take a look at the Choosing Classes Tap to get a description of classes

Our classes can be certified through SDI or UDT.00DSC04020 The option of certifications agencies allows our students to choose which one best fits with the diving they see themselves doing. One of our staff would be more then happy to speak with you about both so you may make an education choice.

Our love at Otters Adventures is in training and travel and that is what we focus on. In addition to our large selection of classes a student can chose from we also offer vacation packages that are catered for the diver and outright adventurer. Take a look at the trips tab to see past and upcoming trips.

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